A Little Interview

Born: 27 April, 1994

Place of Birth: Salt Lake City, Utah

Education: Was homeschool K-12 using the Thomas Jefferson Education methods. Attended college classes at Consumes River College and is currently obtaining her Bachelors at Brigham Young University – Idaho.

Childhood influences: I always loved to listen to audiobooks. It wasn’t until I was older I could get into reading. I later found I was slightly dyslexic so that made reading hard, but I have overcome that wall and love to read now. I have enjoyed Harry Potter and still use it to help me sleep at night. Also a avid fan of The Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games and the Chronicles of Narnia. Those kinds of stories caught me and made me the storyteller I am today.

Work experience: I was an assistant teacher at a Theater and Music School in High School teaching young children the skills needed to perform in Musical productions. I was a teacher and public speaker for my church and I served as a service missionary in Southern Utah for eighteen months. Currently I am a part-time sales associate at a sporting goods shop.

Family: I am still single, so no family of my own yet. My parents are happily married. I have three brothers and one sister. My eldest brother has two little girls I adore.

Pets: She isn’t mine, but I live with one very spunky calico cat who I love to tease.

Favorite book you wrote: How could I ever pick!? It’s always the one I’m working at when you ask. It will always change.

Favorite character in your books: I have to pick!? Okay… likely Elphacena, or Cedrick… maybe… I can’t choose!

In my spare time: I like to read, swim, performing musical productions, playing Pokémon and seeing films with family and friends.

Favorite Movies: Disney’s Live Action Cinderella (2015). That is my favorite, but if it’s Disney, odds are I love it. Love Frozen, Tangled, Big Hero 6, Little Mermaid, Black Caldron, just Disney in general.

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