100_8557R.M Donaldson was born in Salt Lake City, Utah . She grew up in Sacramento, California where she learned to love adventure. Living by a canal with a path that went right to the river provided a lot of space for her to explore her imagination. She spent her childhood making up stories and acting them out with her siblings and friends. “To this day I thank them for putting up with that. Now I look back, I’m not sure how they enjoyed it.” She recalls.

She first started writing at the age of nine. She’d written school papers before, but never even thought of writing her stories down. That is until she spotted her older brother trying to write his own story. Inspired, she tried her hand at it when it was her turn on the computer. By the end of the day, she could type fluently. To this day, hardly a day goes by without her writing at least a paragraph.

Living her adventures and writing them down became as natural as breathing as she went through her schooling. Being homeschooled, she had plenty of time to study the art of writing as well as progress in her academics. One became the same as the other. “As I went through school, each thing I learned felt like tools I was getting to improve my stories and my writing.” She said.

1505348_10201308356766194_805790604_nAt the age of twelve, she joined a co-up acting group and was sucked in. She’d already been acting out her made up stories. “I learned so much by acting out someone else’s stories.” She said. “Storytelling is story living, we all learn by experiencing a story, wither our own or someone else’s.” She says.

After graduation from high school, she served a mission for her church for eighteen months in St. George and Kanab, Utah areas. During that time, she saw the beauty of nature and of human nature that she weaves into her works.

Apart from reading and writing, she enjoys going out into nature, hiking and swimming being two of her favorite ways to do it. She also still enjoys theater both on the stage and on the screen, most of all with family and friends.

As well as writing books, she works as a freelance writer for several different companies. She lives in Rexburg, Idaho where she is studying English at Brigham Young University – Idaho.

4 thoughts on “Biography

  1. “Storytelling is story living, we all learn by experiencing a story, wither our own or someone else’s.” That is so true! I really like your blog and all of the writing you do is really impressive. It’s cool that you started writing your own stories at nine. That’s awesome!


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