Author Art Coming Soon

This likely will be the last blog post on this version of the website. It’s sad to see it go, but also exciting to see great new changes. So please make sure to check back in about a week ot see the amazing new changes, sign up for the new e-mail list, and see the new art.

Yep, LOTS of new art! We’ll have the fan art features up and ready to go, and we’ll have my art up of the characters from “The Rising” who will be in the new book and the old classics. I’m not a great artist, but I’ve drawn out as best as I can how each of them look. I’m SO excited to share them with you.

So good-bye to the old and in with the new! See you same time same place but with a new face!

The Rising Book Tour

The Rising extended version will soon be going on book tour. If you’d liketo feature it or have me do a guest post for you, please feel free to contact me using the form above.

But I also wanted to share one of my favorite tools for book tours. I’ve shared several tools for helping you set up a good blog tour, but I’ve never had a tool as amazing as Silver Dagger Scriptorium!

It’s a free website that let’s bloggers join a e-mail list that will send them almost daily updates of new books that need to be featured, reviewed, or have a guest post shared. I’ve been using it to help my Independent Books blog. I get all my books from this e-mail list now.

But it’s not just for bloggers of course; authors can sign up too! It’s simple, easy, and fun. As I said, as a blogger I get all my books to review and feature on my sites from these e-mail updates.

To join the list of bloggers just sign up using this form: Master List Sign-up

If you want to sign-up as an author go here: Book a Tour

Now, for Authors you’re going to want to know that it’s not exactly free, but you choose what you pay. The people who run it work off of ‘tips’ but they do a better job explaining it on the link. You also can pay for better quality tours. I’ve only ever used the free one and paid what I thought it was worth at the end. But these tours are well worth it! So give it a try risk free!


Fan Art Contest!

Do you like being featured? Do you like amazing prizes? Then this is for you!

Starting May 1st I’ll be running a Fan Art Contest!

Winners will get:

  • A free Kindle Copy of The Rising (Extended)
  • Their work featured on all my pages
  • A shout out on YouTube


There will be three winners. That’s right Three winners!


1. Has to be fan art from The Custodian Chronicles
2. Must be your own original work
3. Must be submitted by e-mail by May 31, 2017
4.. There are unlimited entries.

Everyone who sends a picture will have their work featured on the new website and shared on social media, but only the first three winners will get shout outs and a video explaining why I liked their art best.

So good luck, send this around, and may the best fan win!

Submit by e-mailing:

A New Look!

Exciting news! We’re moving! Well, not really, but the whole website is getting one extreme make over! It should be completed by the end of April. In this remodel we’ll be getting some amazing features!

  • The Character Profiles I’ve promised
  • A Preview of the Extended Rising
  • A first look at Finding Dragons
  • Better Fan Art Pages
  • A Better e-mail list
  • And much!

I’ll send a e-mail out at the old link with the new link to sign up when the website transfers. Thank you all for your time! Discounts and great features are coming soon!

Character Profiles for “The Rising”

There are a lot of new characters and new information about the old ones coming in the extended edition of The Rising. So soon, you’ll get to know them all ahead of time with our “Character Profiles”, coming soon. What kind of information would you like to learn? Comment you questions below! 

Here’s just a little hint of the fun that is to come. Characters you will get to know are.

  • Cedrick
  • Elphacena
  • Joel
  • Shota
  • Alburn
  • Portia
  • Rackwirth
  • Margorim
  • and so much more!

Each character will have a profile picture and a about them section as well as a small Q&A section. Here’s a teaser of what’s to come with Arylana’s Q&A:

Name: Arylana Elise Eldalane Custod

Battle Skills: Master of archery and swordsmanship

If you weren’t a rebel, what would you be? I wouldn’t be anything else.

Goals? Bring down Heklis. And prove I’m better at it than anyone else

What is your favorite memory: Crushing my brothers in practices over and over

And that’s just a taste of the fun to be had! So click subscribe to be notified when the new profiles are up for your viewing pleasure!

The Custods on Watpad

Recently, we announced The Rising will be on Smashwords for free. This week, we are proud to share a better platform for reading The History of the Custods. The histories will always be posted on this blog, but for easier reading, we will also include a link to read them on your Watpad account. It’s free, easy, fun, and may lead you to other books you’ve been dying to read!

To learn more and subscribe: Go here!

The Custods on Smashwords

Thanks right! Soon you can get “The Rising” original version on Smashwords for free! The hope is the book will be up within the next month or two. There also will be other free stories, and a few for purchase on Smashwords site. It’s a new platform for sharing my work for me, but one many of you love and use. So to make everything easier for you, I’ll be getting them up on Smashwords just for you all!

Special thank you to all of you for being so amazing! This is all possible because of you. If you want to help further please click the big new subscribe button on the right, share these updates with your friends, and spread the word. You’ve all done so much! Keep being so amazing!

Cast Your Vote! Which Cover Will It Be?

The extended edition of The Rising. Is coming ever closer! There is a lot to get done before that. One part of it is deciding what the cover should look like.

But I am not planning on making this choice on my own. There will be two or three to choose from. But in order to be apart of the team you need to be signed up to get the e-mail with the voting link.

So please sign up, keep up to date, get the free stuff, join the votes and polls, get news before everyone else. Join the club! There are a lot of features and exclusives there. So please keep up to date with them!

Stay up to date. 

Audiobook Magic!

I’m sorry the blog posts have been rather dull and short. I’ve been so busy with other things! Making the extended edition, planning giveaways, writing book two (title to be released soon!) That the blog has been lacking of late. I’m sorry about that, but I promise next week I’ll start sharing deleted scenes again. The deleted scenes are parts that still are staying out of even the extended, mostly for space and flow. Don’t worry, you’ll always get to enjoy them here!

Today is yet again another update: the audiobook making process has begun! I’m SO excited about this. The truth is, I grew up mostly with audiobooks. I had a very hard time sitting and reading, but I loved stories and books. My solution was to listen to the audiobooks with the book open or while I did other things.

So for me, this is the most exciting part of the process. I’m really enjoying learning how to record, edit, and produce these audiobooks. Tips on how to make them coming soon to this blog and my blog dedicated to self-publishing. If you want to see them check out this link here Self-Publishing for Free. As well as those tips from my success and failures in making audiobooks, I’m going to be offering a discount on downloading the audiobook e-mail subscribers, so if you haven’t signed up yet, do it so you can get those special details!

Thank you all for being so loyal! You make all my writing worth it. I’m sorry the blog has been a bit slow with all the other things I’m working on, but again I’m thankful for your loyal readership and support of me and my work. You are so amazing! I hope to repay you all in some way.

Continue safe!