Expressions of a College Life

Sorry I’m a day late! I got so busy with work and homework I forgot to post. I’m sorry guys! Today you get a scene piece I wrote while watching my happy roommates about a normal week night. dorm-lighted-collage


A small yellow house set half way up a snowy hill rests between an even smaller cottage and a set of dorm rooms. Down a red painted, snow covered staircase, we slip into a quant kitchen, then a red carpeted sitting room and  a corner bedroom. Yellow walls bespeak of cheerful times and the organized chaos of unmade beds, dressers cluttered with notebooks, textbooks and pictures of home. Friendly stuffed animal friends watch from their perch on at the scene of high giggles and laughter that gently echos off the cheery walls.

The yellow of the walls are not the only expression of fun and gaiety of the condensed bedroom for three. Pictures done with the skill of sweet young children display images of dancing families, bright trees and powerful superheroes protecting the happy chaos that shines forth the cheerful air of the giggling occupants.

A girl sits on one of the three beds that line the walls. Her blonde hair is pulled into a pony tail and her rectangle glasses shine giddily in the light. She is young, likely fresh out of high school, experiencing her first year in her new adventures of college life.

She sits upon a bed whose clothing expresses the mix of adult life and the remanences of childhood adventures. The quilt is made up of patch work logos of camp t-shirts displaying cartoon characters and quotes from movies and inspirational speakers.  Each bed post holds up coats left to dry from far flung adventures in the snowy world outside the front door.

The owner of the neighboring bed leans against the bed of the pony-tailed girl, eager to join the fun. The same eagerness for adventure and joy in the moment show on her cheerful, rosy face. Her hair is shoulder length, brown with striking blonde highlights displays more experience than her friend, but the same fresh, new excitement for a college adventure is no less prevalent. She wears the classic jeans and navy t-shirt that radiates college life.

Laughter rises from the two as they excitedly watch the adventures on the screen with gleeful interest. The brunette watches as her friend, sitting cross legged on the patchwork collection of camp shirts, taps away at the iphone in her hand. Her fingers clip-clap on the screen, writing out messages to some unknown friend or loved one living far from her new place of residence where she faces brand new challenges in her young life.

Their laughter fills the cheerful room as they exchange “Doctor Who” and “Star Wars” memes that allow them a brief and fun escape from the stress of work, homework and the new adult, college world they now perverse. For now, they are safely tucked away in their gleeful games, but tomorrow may bring another new challenge to learn to be conquered.





A Lonely College Night

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written! I am so sorry. I just started college and a new job, so my life got super busy and I never realized I haven’t been posting. But I’ve written a lot I’d like to share. Here is a quick experience I had about friendship I would like to share with you.

aloneFriendship is a bond that can only be broken by those who share it.

Though we can live it; it is often hard for us to explain.

I’ve been able to live it several times in my life.

It is a late night after a long day of plans going wrong,

when you’re lying in your room with your roommate,

window is open to try to keep the room cool,

but the feelings inside were still heated.

When you finish your night plans and are trying to rest,

but you just can’t.

When you forget your feelings as you hear another small voice sobbing in the night.

That moment when you can’t decide if they need a friend or need a moment alone after a long day.

When you know by the your roommate getting up, so follow her.

Friendship is when you give them a hug as they lie on the couch,

unable to get a better hug,

you all but lie on them in an attempt to show them you will overcome any barrier

to help the tears turn from aches of pain to a healing balm.

When you share hugs, sitting side by side

and talk about struggles,

then silly things to laugh the tears away.

That is friendship, captured in a little dark, cold room in a colder and darker Idaho night.