Hidden Ambitions (The Rising Deleted Scene)

(Disclaimer: These scenes are not fully edited. They may make reference to events that no longer happened. These are for your viewing pleasure. Though most all happened in the background of the actual book.Such ‘real’ scenes will be noted as such.)

“Come,” Margorim said to his children. “We will need to get our rest; we will be hard at work from dawn until dusk for the next two months. We should start with a good long rest and a refreshing few hours off.”

“Here, here,” Roxorim said eagerly. Arylana laughed.

After that day of rest they were right at it. Their father wasn’t joking about working from dawn until dusk. It was endless work, all morning working with the inexperienced, and often undisciplined, recruits and their evenings attending meetings and negotiations from different villages, people pleading for help and other commanders and officers of the army.

During these times Arylana thought she might have caught the general’s eyes on her, but when she looked he looked deeply intent on whatever he was working on. It was very odd. It made Arylana nervous. At last she spoke this unease aloud to Roxorim at a late dinner.

He laughed at her. “You still don’t realize it do you.” He said, feeling the wrap on the end of the poker he was holding.

“Realized what?” Arylana snapped.

“He’s like Michael.” Roxorim said.

Arylana blushed. Michael was a boy who’d once had a crush on Arylana, during the year she’d spent in the village. He’d been her first love and Arylana almost wished she could forget how the whole thing started and ended. The middle was a good memory, but anything else was worth forgetting.

“You don’t mean,” Arylana said.

“I do,” Roxorim said, taking a bite out of the wrap on the end of his stick. He spoke through his mouthful, “He likes you.” Roxorim swallowed. “Who could blame him? After you beat up that villager.” Roxorim smiled. “You know if a man doesn’t mind a woman who is as dangerous as a naked sword, you’re just the choice. In fact, some men like women who are like a drawn sword.” He took another bite of his wrap. “And trust me, Mercutio is one of them.”

Arylana felt her face going red. “No, no,” she said.

“Ah, yes, yes.” Roxorim said, swallowing. “He’s even asked me if you were seeing anyone.”

“He didn’t.” Arylana gasped.

“Yes he did.” Roxorim said. “He of course pretended he was only wondering, but I could tell.”

Then Arylana became suspicious. “You mean he hasn’t openly told you he likes me.” Arylana said.

Roxorim gave Arylana a look. “Come on,” he said, “We’re guys; we don’t talk like that, most of all to the girl’s brother. Only thing worse than that would be saying it to her father and that’s suicide by mad man.”

“You’re making it up.” Arylana said, “In your head you want him to like me.”

“You really think I’d do that?” Roxorim asked.

“Yes,” Arylana said, “I think you would. You’ve never even thought of marriage yourself, because you’re so busy keeping me safe from any man who comes to close.”

“You know that’s right.” Roxorim said proudly, taking a ruff bite out of his supper.

Arylana narrowed her eyes at him. “So now you’ve found one you like, you are hoping he’ll fall in love with me and marry me, so you can stop worrying.”

“Well as much as that sounds like a good idea and not that I wouldn’t do that, but I’m not.”

“Yes you are, you just think you aren’t.” Arylana said, “You’re tricking yourself as much as me.”

“Suit yourself,” Roxorim said, swallowing his huge bite. “Be a spinster your whole life.”

Arylana hit his arm hard. “Ow!” Roxorim said.

“What is going on?” their father’s voice boomed over to them.

“Roxorim’s just being an idiot.” Arylana said, glaring at her brother.

“That sounds normal.” Margorim sighed, sitting down next to his son and picking up one of the uncooked wraps and putting it on a stick.

As he put it over the fire he looked at his children. “Progress?” he asked.

“Being made,” Arylana said, feeling her own wrap.

“Look what that little one did to my arm.” Roxorim said, showing them a deep bite mark on his arm. “I told him to use whatever weapon he thought was his best and he bit me. The nurse tried to wrap it.”

“That’s a good bite.” Margorim said.

“Good thing it’s not full moon you might be howling if it was.” Arylana said, smirking at Roxorim.

Roxorim made an “a-ah” face at his sister mockingly. Their father ignored the comment.

They were quiet for a moment, allowing their food to cook or be eaten. At last Roxorim sighed and leaned back to look up at the stars. “What do you think Cedrick is up to right now?” he asked.

“Sleeping,” Arylana said, “And I bet he’ll be asleep until nine. He never got up in the morning.” She lay down to look up at the constellations.

Their father joined them. “Who knows what he’s doing.” He sighed. “By now he’s read every book in the house, six times, I’m sure.”

“What would you have done to keep yourself busy if you were still at home?” Roxorim asked Arylana.

Arylana smiled. “I’d be exploring the forest.” Arylana said, “Then I’d make a book of all the helpful herbs in them and try to make new elixirs for healing and the like.”

“Do you think that’s what Cedrick is doing?” Roxorim asked.

Arylana laughed, “He’d eat his shoes before he do that.” Arylana said, “At least, not on his own idea. I bet he’s either hitting his head against the wall or he’s just sleeping the time away.”

They all went quiet again. “I wish he was here.” Roxorim sighed. “He’d be good for a laugh about now.”

“Only because you made fun of him.” Arylana said, giving her brother a look.

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that.” He grinned.

“As long as he’s safe, I don’t care what he’s up to.” Margorim sighed.

Arylana and Roxorim looked at him. The sincerity in his voice surprised them. They looked at each other.

“Even if he’s doing magic?” Arylana tested.

Margorim sighed. “Well no, but I’d prefer him safe and hidden, doing magic that being in danger.”

Arylana made a face and looked at Roxorim. He returned the look.

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Finding a Fallen Custod

Soon the First Darkman’s hatred grew too strong. It screamed and demanded release. So when moon was fled and sun gone to bed, the First Darkman and his band left the safety of their caves and accosted the darkest town their darkened minds could afford. That would draw who those he despised, that would draw to him the means he sought to destroy the covenant he so loathed.

It is not right to speak of the horrors of that dreadful night. The darkest and most wicked acts that can grace man’s thoughts were but the smallest of the wicked horrors the First Darkman and his band bestowed upon the poor, defenseless town that would soon be no more.

The sins committed were so prevalent that the skin of the Darkman’s followers soon darkened to match their master, full wicked power resting in their souls. Such acts as earn such a vast turnabout, do not deserve a record in this writ. Those shadows only belong in the shadows.

Upon the dawn those who’s skin was darkened found the light more painful than before. At its light, they fled what little remained of the town for their dark, cool caves. The light was painful for many now, much like their master. He who could not stand any light.

The agony of the father Custod when the news of this lost towns fate arrived was as that tantamount equal to those tormented, wracked innocents. Their torment and end wracked him with pain that few ever knew, only his fellow protectors understood the deep anguish of soul this news caused. Though unknown still the fact their son and brother was head of this oath crushing band.

To defend from other such offences, many of the Custods set watch over next nearest town. This caused the king of darkness endless delight. His vengeance would soon be possible. He alone slipped into the town when moon was again hidden and sun gone to bed.

There he found his father and cackled in wicked delight to show his new glorious form to him.

Oh! That his boy had truly been dead! He had fallen! Fallen from glory and honor he’d had by taking such a sacred oath. By now breaking and rejecting such power of light, he sunken in equal, no indistinguishable, degree. He was fallen, sunken into a perilous vell* and hell. Yet, his boy did not know it. No worse, he did know. He took glory in his darkened state. A pain great than any yet know in that world to that day filled father Custod’s heart.

Through discussion and harsh rejection, Father Custod left greater pain beholding his son could not be saved. A battle soon befell, and only ceased as a light came to see what the commotion was. The light was unbearable to the darkman and he fled.

But now it was known. The fallen Custod and King of Darkness were one. The broken oath, taken and rejected so badly had damaged a soul beyond repair. The news soon spread and the horror and grief that consumed the Custod family and the popular as a whole. The Father Custod sunk into a deep pain status only intensifying the aches of his deep age. Yet the battle to destroy the fallen Custod’s first oath would soon come. And its outcome frightfully unsure, could any of them send their son and brother to have his Maker so badly and eternally stained?


*Vell is a term for dark, corrupting magic. Often used as a swear word or synonymous with hell.

The First Darkman

As the years rolled by, the brothers grew old and raising up the new generation to follow them became paramount. The people adored their benevolent king, admired and respected their protector and those of his family who fought beside. A joyous duty and an honor it was to each who held the sacred oath given from the world’s Creator.

Though a joy, raising a new generation was not an easy quest. One son of the Custod second generation felt cheated in his choice. So though father and mother both pressed point he had choice in which road to take, he felt forced into following his father’s path. But taking a ‘yes’ to an oath while your heart says no is a dangerous venture.

Oh, what a wrong. He died himself by choosing yes when his heart said no. Resentment turned to anger and soon to hate. The father who made the first oath he despised. Even more the Creator Father who created the oath upon him.

As this deep hate and pain elevated to an offended heart, one saw the chance to corrupt, a wicked shadow came to him, promising “Follow my power, flow my way and all Creator’s power shall be yours forever. And my way to power is fun; my way is pleasure. Justice shall be yours. Usurp your father, gain the freedom and power shall in your power be. It shall take you by the wrist.”

So though young Custod knew it all a lie, that this was evil and darkness, he loved it more than he loved his oath and the father who made him take it. So the young Custod made yet another oath and sealed his doom for never ending time. Another lie that break the most important and sacred covenant he’d made before.

Because of the severity of his broken oath, the darkness quickly over took this former Custod. His skin turned ashen, as if it was covered in darkest ash, pale and black all at once. His eyes soon were an endless pit of pained darkness, of nothingness.

He vanished from his family, and they believed him fallen. Mourning filled the family for their lost son and brother, but though he was not dead. Indeed, instead he became the first Darkman. Rumors of this darkman’s power spread like a secret weed creeping over the wall into the peaceful garden. Others desired to share this power and came to the fallen Custod to learn his dark ways.

Soon the race and order of the Darkmen rose in might. As dark oaths darkened the first Darkman, he became unable to endure the faintest light. So deep in the northern mountain he hid, hating his confinement. In fury he lay waiting, longing for the surface breach where he then would claim the promised vengeance for his believed wrongs.


The Brothers’ Gifts

And thus the lines began in mighty splendor. The Creator, in a display grand and large, showed all peoples upon the earth the glory and power He gave unto his new ruler and defender of the nations. So He did crown them a king for all people. And to the king all did take agreement to follow.

Unto the king and defender were bestowed gifts and tokens, as well as promises great. To the amusement of the brother younger, a sword and shield was given to the new mighty king. The shield bore the royal crest to be theirs for all time and space. A noble bear under the ruling Sun, to rule and watch over the people under It’s guiding influence. The sword sheathed into the top of this shield, showing the peace the king must strive to maintain.

The sword was beautiful, of Creator’s make. A handle was of pure amethyst, perfected gemstone. The bear claw was made of petrified wood, cradling a perfect stone of amethyst as the king should cradle its ruled world. The blade was of a unique, enchanted metal known to few, strong and unbreakable. Then at the cross guard centered in completeness was the mark of the Sun made of pure sunlight. How man could behold it is a marvel to this day. Though at a wish could blind the beholder.

Last for brother elder was the mark of his kingship, a simple crown, a band of gold placed about the head. With three points to the front, center taller than neighbors both. In the center of tallest point, was a gem of colorless favor, but when placed on its rightful king’s brow turned royal purple. As others took the role in later years, the color transformed to match the character of each rightful head.

And for the younger, a crest of his was bestowed and a blade more fit for a battle’s heat. Though times would be hard, the line would rise from it as a phoenix from ashes. Therefore, the crest of the might Custod Phoenix was given this protector of the land. The fiery defender and graceful lover, the ever rising phoenix.

The sword that was given, also of Creator make, was strong and flexible. The blade was made of the same enchanted silver of the first brother. The handle of the side sword was of the rarest metal of all, the enchanted metallic gold. The handle created of perfected sapphire. To hold the sturdy ruby pummel, was metallic gold ringed with living fire of pure gold. The flame licked, rose, and fell but were of pure gold. The heat it caused was unfelt by the rightful holder, but upon the master’s commander would burn the hand of a thief upon taking up the blessed devise.

With just these tools, Creator’s blessing, and support of newly bond people, both brothers began to the quest to recreate the better world the Creator first intended His earth to be.

The Beginnings of the Custods

This is the account held in the public record of when their Creator choose the brothers who were to start the kingly line and the Custodian line. 

“The first parents were gone away. With them, left order and stability. The Creator beheld, in dismay, the state His young little world now lay in. A leader need be called, but where to find one?

The helpless needed a protector. The system their Creator desired was no more in their lands. He needed a ruler, one must be called. Where could ones worthy be found? One many would respect, admire, and adore.

With the original descendants, He’d attempt first. To be a fair judge, a day to study each He’d take. But quickly, despair began to take over. The world had fallen too deeply, even the first children were not holding true. So quickly did men stray from their Leader.

Then He found a surprise on day four of His search, a set of brothers who stayed together. Few but couples lasted as a team. Most hated unity, being individual was greater than all, but not to these brothers. It was quite the opposite indeed.

The elder was Polaris and the younger Roxorim. Both were dedicated and true to wife and each other. It wasn’t a trait their Creator had yet seen. Not since the death of first parents.  So carefully He studied the two with hopeful attention.

He saw they were indeed men of good valor. In the morning, each treated his wife with honor, his children with love and fatherly rearing then into the fields with children and brother. For brother, they shared warm brotherly greeting with love that utmost shone from their hearts.

With perfect care and love, they treated the children. Young ones not their own joined them in the field, to join in the work, to share in the love, and learn even in wrongdoing. The gentle loving chastening greeted those who were wrong. They felt ashamed, but loved all the same. So they fought to be better to mentor and self.

These were traits He knew the people needed. Had He found His rulers? Perhaps.

A test was in order, so to see their hand in defense and leadership, a bear and five wolves He drove to the group.

How would it transpire? Would in defense would they raise? Would they lead the children well with honor and grace? It remained to be seen.

The roar of the bear warned of the attack; the baying of the wolves followed the clamor.

The children were frightened and wished yet to scatter, but the brother elder stopped their fear flight. He commanded with stern tone, but the children knew spoken in love, so followed each order with exactness and trust.

As Polaris kept the children secured and safe, Roxorim would not let beast come near the bait.

With sword drawn high and passion quiet fierce, he charged bear and wolf, all fear kept in check. The battle was wild, but five wolves too much for younger, the bear was free to charge down the elder.

The children trusting stayed in their huddle as their stalwart leader commenced danger with battle. The battles were hard, each sword flying wild, but with his effort controlled in his ferocious combat.

Two wolves fled from such hopeless a venture, and three lay quiet, submissive in death. Bear was departed, but his body still present. Though it would not return its conqueror’s weapon. Which caused brother Roxorim rather amusement as elder shook his head in helpless bemusement.

As upon the laughter and brothers’ games, the Creator watched in satisfied ways. His leader was found a brother elder true and His defender too, a passionate younger spirit.

These were His chosen and soon they would see the great advancement their characters turned to be.”


Brothers: In Word and In Deed (A Custod Balled)

At the beginning of time, the Creator called two brothers to be stewards of the world He had made. The elder He made king and his children after him the only ones with right to the kingship. The younger He made the protector, the steward, the custodians of the people. He gave the sir name of Potentate to the elder and his line and Custod to the younger and his line.

This is a little balled that is often memorized in children’s studies through the world. A reminder that the brothers are always there looking out for their world.

There were two brothers

The elder to lead

The younger defender

In word and in deed

They forever were faithful

Themselves and their seed

Forever they protect us

In word and in deed

So never despair

Nay never be fearful

They of you are minding

They are never forgetful

Though darkness may rise

Though trouble may spread

They stand as our safeguard

Hope is not dead

So to them be true

And safely they’ll lead

Forever they’ll was o’er you

In word and in deed

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