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The Rising Book Tour

The Rising extended version will soon be going on book tour. If you’d liketo feature it or have me do a guest post for you, please feel free to contact me using the form above.

But I also wanted to share one of my favorite tools for book tours. I’ve shared several tools for helping you set up a good blog tour, but I’ve never had a tool as amazing as Silver Dagger Scriptorium!

It’s a free website that let’s bloggers join a e-mail list that will send them almost daily updates of new books that need to be featured, reviewed, or have a guest post shared. I’ve been using it to help my Independent Books blog. I get all my books from this e-mail list now.

But it’s not just for bloggers of course; authors can sign up too! It’s simple, easy, and fun. As I said, as a blogger I get all my books to review and feature on my sites from these e-mail updates.

To join the list of bloggers just sign up using this form: Master List Sign-up

If you want to sign-up as an author go here: Book a Tour

Now, for Authors you’re going to want to know that it’s not exactly free, but you choose what you pay. The people who run it work off of ‘tips’ but they do a better job explaining it on the link. You also can pay for better quality tours. I’ve only ever used the free one and paid what I thought it was worth at the end. But these tours are well worth it! So give it a try risk free!


Character Profiles for “The Rising”

There are a lot of new characters and new information about the old ones coming in the extended edition of The Rising. So soon, you’ll get to know them all ahead of time with our “Character Profiles”, coming soon. What kind of information would you like to learn? Comment you questions below! 

Here’s just a little hint of the fun that is to come. Characters you will get to know are.

  • Cedrick
  • Elphacena
  • Joel
  • Shota
  • Alburn
  • Portia
  • Rackwirth
  • Margorim
  • and so much more!

Each character will have a profile picture and a about them section as well as a small Q&A section. Here’s a teaser of what’s to come with Arylana’s Q&A:

Name: Arylana Elise Eldalane Custod

Battle Skills: Master of archery and swordsmanship

If you weren’t a rebel, what would you be? I wouldn’t be anything else.

Goals? Bring down Heklis. And prove I’m better at it than anyone else

What is your favorite memory: Crushing my brothers in practices over and over

And that’s just a taste of the fun to be had! So click subscribe to be notified when the new profiles are up for your viewing pleasure!

The Custods on Watpad

Recently, we announced The Rising will be on Smashwords for free. This week, we are proud to share a better platform for reading The History of the Custods. The histories will always be posted on this blog, but for easier reading, we will also include a link to read them on your Watpad account. It’s free, easy, fun, and may lead you to other books you’ve been dying to read!

To learn more and subscribe: Go here!

Cast Your Vote! Which Cover Will It Be?

The extended edition of The Rising. Is coming ever closer! There is a lot to get done before that. One part of it is deciding what the cover should look like.

But I am not planning on making this choice on my own. There will be two or three to choose from. But in order to be apart of the team you need to be signed up to get the e-mail with the voting link.

So please sign up, keep up to date, get the free stuff, join the votes and polls, get news before everyone else. Join the club! There are a lot of features and exclusives there. So please keep up to date with them!

Stay up to date. 

A Enchanter’s Return (The Rising Deleted Scene)

(Disclaimer: These scenes are not fully edited. They may make reference to events that no longer happened. These are for your viewing pleasure. Though most all happened in the background of the actual book.Such ‘real’ scenes will be noted as such.)

Arylana was left to join her father as he studied a map.

“I don’t get it.” Her father huffed.

“Get what?” Arylana asked, sitting next to him.

“How we’re going to get out of here when the snow melts, without having to fight our way out.” He said, brushing snow off his shoulder as he spoke. “Look at this, I can’t find a way out. The army is over here, here and here.” He pointed at the map. “The only ways out are here, here and here. They have us pinned.”

“Is there a place we can go over the mountains?” Arylana asked.

“Some of the women and children wouldn’t make it, it’s a hard road. I’d be afraid some of them would die. I just don’t see a way out.”

“Do you think Jarbo would know a way?” Arylana asked. “What if we sent for him?”

“He might, it’s a long shot.” Margorim said, biting his lip.

“Did he get the pass closed off?” Arylana asked.

“He must have or the army would have been on top of us by now.” Margorim said. “He should be back soon.”

However he found out that he was very wrong. Two days later Author returned alone from the adventure. At first Arylana was worried. What happened to Jarbo? However she overheard him tell Mercutio that Jarbo had insisted he had work to do alone and would return in a month at the latest.

Margorim wasted no time in expressing how irritated he was at this. “He’s not a common fighter, he can’t just wonder off when he likes. We need him here. When will he stop wondering off like a lost child?”

“I assure you he told me he had very good reason. Something about making sure a friend was alright. He swore it was important. I wouldn’t let him go at first.”

“I’m sure Jarbo did what he thought was right.” Mercutio said, giving Margorim a quailing look. “Besides, none of us could have stopped him. He’s more powerful than any of us. Though I supposed, if I called on all his men and several of our fighters, we could catch him.”

“Have you ever had to try it?”Arylana asked with a grin.

“No and I hope I never will.” Mercutio smiled back.

Yet Arylana could tell something felt wrong. Was she right in her guess? Had Jarbo met Cedrick? If he had is that where he was going now? What was going on? Arylana didn’t know. All she did know was she had a bad feeling and she couldn’t shake it. All she could do was pray.

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Thanksgiving in Mexico

To be completely honest, Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday. I think part of it has to do with the fact that over the last five years I haven’t been with my family on Thanksgiving since …

Source: Thanksgiving in Mexico

Hidden Ambitions (The Rising Deleted Scene)

(Disclaimer: These scenes are not fully edited. They may make reference to events that no longer happened. These are for your viewing pleasure. Though most all happened in the background of the actual book.Such ‘real’ scenes will be noted as such.)

“Come,” Margorim said to his children. “We will need to get our rest; we will be hard at work from dawn until dusk for the next two months. We should start with a good long rest and a refreshing few hours off.”

“Here, here,” Roxorim said eagerly. Arylana laughed.

After that day of rest they were right at it. Their father wasn’t joking about working from dawn until dusk. It was endless work, all morning working with the inexperienced, and often undisciplined, recruits and their evenings attending meetings and negotiations from different villages, people pleading for help and other commanders and officers of the army.

During these times Arylana thought she might have caught the general’s eyes on her, but when she looked he looked deeply intent on whatever he was working on. It was very odd. It made Arylana nervous. At last she spoke this unease aloud to Roxorim at a late dinner.

He laughed at her. “You still don’t realize it do you.” He said, feeling the wrap on the end of the poker he was holding.

“Realized what?” Arylana snapped.

“He’s like Michael.” Roxorim said.

Arylana blushed. Michael was a boy who’d once had a crush on Arylana, during the year she’d spent in the village. He’d been her first love and Arylana almost wished she could forget how the whole thing started and ended. The middle was a good memory, but anything else was worth forgetting.

“You don’t mean,” Arylana said.

“I do,” Roxorim said, taking a bite out of the wrap on the end of his stick. He spoke through his mouthful, “He likes you.” Roxorim swallowed. “Who could blame him? After you beat up that villager.” Roxorim smiled. “You know if a man doesn’t mind a woman who is as dangerous as a naked sword, you’re just the choice. In fact, some men like women who are like a drawn sword.” He took another bite of his wrap. “And trust me, Mercutio is one of them.”

Arylana felt her face going red. “No, no,” she said.

“Ah, yes, yes.” Roxorim said, swallowing. “He’s even asked me if you were seeing anyone.”

“He didn’t.” Arylana gasped.

“Yes he did.” Roxorim said. “He of course pretended he was only wondering, but I could tell.”

Then Arylana became suspicious. “You mean he hasn’t openly told you he likes me.” Arylana said.

Roxorim gave Arylana a look. “Come on,” he said, “We’re guys; we don’t talk like that, most of all to the girl’s brother. Only thing worse than that would be saying it to her father and that’s suicide by mad man.”

“You’re making it up.” Arylana said, “In your head you want him to like me.”

“You really think I’d do that?” Roxorim asked.

“Yes,” Arylana said, “I think you would. You’ve never even thought of marriage yourself, because you’re so busy keeping me safe from any man who comes to close.”

“You know that’s right.” Roxorim said proudly, taking a ruff bite out of his supper.

Arylana narrowed her eyes at him. “So now you’ve found one you like, you are hoping he’ll fall in love with me and marry me, so you can stop worrying.”

“Well as much as that sounds like a good idea and not that I wouldn’t do that, but I’m not.”

“Yes you are, you just think you aren’t.” Arylana said, “You’re tricking yourself as much as me.”

“Suit yourself,” Roxorim said, swallowing his huge bite. “Be a spinster your whole life.”

Arylana hit his arm hard. “Ow!” Roxorim said.

“What is going on?” their father’s voice boomed over to them.

“Roxorim’s just being an idiot.” Arylana said, glaring at her brother.

“That sounds normal.” Margorim sighed, sitting down next to his son and picking up one of the uncooked wraps and putting it on a stick.

As he put it over the fire he looked at his children. “Progress?” he asked.

“Being made,” Arylana said, feeling her own wrap.

“Look what that little one did to my arm.” Roxorim said, showing them a deep bite mark on his arm. “I told him to use whatever weapon he thought was his best and he bit me. The nurse tried to wrap it.”

“That’s a good bite.” Margorim said.

“Good thing it’s not full moon you might be howling if it was.” Arylana said, smirking at Roxorim.

Roxorim made an “a-ah” face at his sister mockingly. Their father ignored the comment.

They were quiet for a moment, allowing their food to cook or be eaten. At last Roxorim sighed and leaned back to look up at the stars. “What do you think Cedrick is up to right now?” he asked.

“Sleeping,” Arylana said, “And I bet he’ll be asleep until nine. He never got up in the morning.” She lay down to look up at the constellations.

Their father joined them. “Who knows what he’s doing.” He sighed. “By now he’s read every book in the house, six times, I’m sure.”

“What would you have done to keep yourself busy if you were still at home?” Roxorim asked Arylana.

Arylana smiled. “I’d be exploring the forest.” Arylana said, “Then I’d make a book of all the helpful herbs in them and try to make new elixirs for healing and the like.”

“Do you think that’s what Cedrick is doing?” Roxorim asked.

Arylana laughed, “He’d eat his shoes before he do that.” Arylana said, “At least, not on his own idea. I bet he’s either hitting his head against the wall or he’s just sleeping the time away.”

They all went quiet again. “I wish he was here.” Roxorim sighed. “He’d be good for a laugh about now.”

“Only because you made fun of him.” Arylana said, giving her brother a look.

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that.” He grinned.

“As long as he’s safe, I don’t care what he’s up to.” Margorim sighed.

Arylana and Roxorim looked at him. The sincerity in his voice surprised them. They looked at each other.

“Even if he’s doing magic?” Arylana tested.

Margorim sighed. “Well no, but I’d prefer him safe and hidden, doing magic that being in danger.”

Arylana made a face and looked at Roxorim. He returned the look.

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